One week in Brighton

My name si Daniele, I’m from Italy and for my first visit in England I choose a course of Live Learning English.

What I can say about this experience is that everything was fantastic. I spent one week with Gill and Nick in their house in Brighton, speaking all days in English and improving in this way my ability to speak about all topics commonly used during  normal conversations. Also Brighton is a lovely city and people is very friendly.

I hope that this kind of courses are useful to learn the language and england’s customs, surely better than other course that I had done in past.

A week in St. Albans


My name is Alba, I’m from Spain and I’ve spent one week is St. Albans with Kate and her lovely family. It has been an amazing experience, living abroad, meeting different people and trying different and delicious food.

St . Albans is a nice and quiet place to learn English. Peter showed me and told about the city history, He’s a fantastic guide.

During this week Kate has given me the chance to visit some pubs, go to the theatre and meet local people to practise my English. We went also to visit Rothamsted, an importante research station where I practised my scientific language with researchers.  I met two scientists and we will keep in touch.

IMGP8382 Spanish leather wall covering Kate and me Playing darts (5) Visiting Rothamsted With Hannah and Thiebault

English week in St. Albans

фотография(1) P1080068 The Queens' College Cambridge P1080070 Isaac Newton's window and apple tree, Trinity College P1080069 St John's College P1080072 Kings College Cambridge

Hi, I’m Olga and I’m from Russia. I went to the UK to improve my English speaking skills.

I was very lucky because I stayed in St. Albans with the awesome family – Kate and Peter. They are very hospitable and open-minded people.

Kate and Peter took me to visit St. Albans, London and Cambridge. The last was a really amazing! I saw a lot of sights as well as not so typical for tourists places. Kate and Peter are excellent guides!

Also, I had 5 hours table lessons per day and it was good to remember what I forgot and to learn new.

Unfortunately, I was there only for one week, but I improved my English a lot. Many thanks for Kate!

I highly recommend all to take an English course with LLE and Kate!

Carmen in England

My name is Carmen and I am from Madrid. I was looking for an English course and I knew about this possibility of 1:1. I thought it was the best for me because I could only come for one week and my level was a little low. I need English for my work in Insurance.

Before I started I was very nervous and excited. When I arrived I met Lesley (late at night!) and I had a good feeling.  The course is hard work, but very focussed on my needs and I appreciate my teacher’s work for it.

And this experience shows me a lot more than a language. Lovely people, lovely family and new ideas about a different culture. I love Lesley’s house, the garden, my room and the view from my window. And it only rained one day – fantastic!

I recommend this experience. If only I could stay longer!

Studying English in St Albans




My name is Hajime Takahashi (Haji) and I’m a Marine Engineer from Yokohama, Japan and working in SingaporeIt was a week holiday of my job and I stayed my host family’s home in St Albans.  It was my first time in Europe.  Kate and Peter (my host parents) took me around the town and explained me about its history and culture, also gave me many chances to meet and talk with their family and friends in some parties, theatre, church, pub, London, Cambridge…etc.  They were very kind to listen to my English and talk friendly with me.  Everything I saw in England made me really interested and excited. I love British English, British culture, British people, and everything in the UK. I’d like to say ‘Thank you very much for Kate and Peter’s great hospitality’.

P1000445 P1000475 PIMGP7276 PIMGP7280

The best option for my job

I think that learning English with Dave have been the best option for my job. I learn a lot of grammar, but the most important is the Dave method. We enjoy learning and speaking and for me it was a good experience. I needed to prepare a presentation of my company and Dave helped me in this Project. He taught me the best form to speak with new customers about my company. Although we visit all art museums and enjoyed talking about art, design, Films… Thank you Dave and the rest of the family! Carmela is the best cook that I Know in London



Great Study in London

I had three months English course. It was lovely. Mr Lawrence is very professional teacher. He is teaching to me many new things. We went many intersting places. Mr Lawrence very good teacher, I recommend him to other students. Now I know English much better than I knew it 3 months ago. With Mr Lawrence I didn’t have any problems, with him and his family I only had positive emotions


kyryl1 kyryl


Week in the UK

Hello, my name is José and I’m writing to all future students who want to learn English in the UK with Living Learning English. I went to the UK because I need to improve my English for my job. I was in Bath for four weeks and one week more in St. Albans. It’s a very good way to learn English because we have to speak English all the time. We had lessons every morning for four hours. In Bath, I stayed in Sarah’s home. She has a nice family with her husband Robin and their two children (12 and 15 years old). I enjoyed being there a lot. Bath is a beautiful town with a lot of museums. It’s an interesting place because of its history, including Roman times. I also visited Bristol, where I saw the Suspension Bridge. We visited Stonehenge, Salisbury Cathedral and the Roman Baths and museums in Bath. I played tennis with Paul, a tennis coach, who taught me a lot. In St. Albans I was with David and his wife Stephanie. They are very friendly, and lovely people. I wanted to stay more weeks with them, but I had to return to Spain earlier than I expected. We did a lot of things there, but the most exciting for me was when we went to Cambridge. I recommend this course to all of you.


jose jose1 jose2 jose3

Learning English in St Albans

My name is Fabrizio. I ‘m Italian.  I stayed in St Albans for 2 weeks in October. I’m lucky. Why? I had an excellent family.  Kate Irving my teacher is very good because she teaches English very well and she took me on trips. This house is like living in my own house.

fabrizio fabrizio3 fabrizio2

A Great Experience

It was a great experience – I learnt a lot in two weeks. I really enjoyed the course – Barbara is an excellent teacher. I found the Business English very challenging but also practical and useful for my career. We chose the topics together so I studied the subjects which I found important for me. I loved going to London with Barbara because we visited so many interesting and different places. She’s an excellent cook too. It was fun.