Wonderful soups in Margate

It is hard to begin, I got many thing to say, the first impressive thing is wonderful soups give me ‘souper power’ for learning english. I learnt english with Ella for 8 days and when we finished lessons, the soups made by Ella always make me refresh and be full of power to face any problem in english. Ella and I play different english game to wake my brain up every day in morning before we start the lesson, it is very good for me to be ready starting study.

I had four activities in this 8days, I went to UCA and watch a film called ‘this is the end’ which is the film includes comedy and disaster. I went to visit Dover Castle, Deal Castle and Walmer Castle that were ordered to be built by Henry 8th to defend England againsted France and Spain.


Wonderful Wallingford

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I arrived in Wallingford feeling very nervous because I did not know if I would like the family or enjoy the course, but after few day I could truly say It was wonderful. A total immersion course in English has been the best way to improve all my English language skills.

I have spend one month with Shan and Andrew and I have really enjoyed my stay. And the food has been fantastic!

I have met all the family, including Shan’s parents, her sons and  friends of the family. They made me feel like a member of the family.

I have been on lots of outings to Windsor Castle, Blenheim Palace, Oxford, Hampton Court Palace…We have walked by the river in Henley and Wallingford, gone to the cinema and been shopping. I have also been bowling with Shan’s son and seven of his friends. I have attended the Henley Literary Festival and I have even had a manicure with nail art in Wallingford!

I have kept a journal and Shan has taken lots of photos to illustrate it. I have a lovely souvenir of my stay to take home and share with my family and friends.


Hello, my name is Clara and I am from Spain.

I lived for 2 weeks with my teacher Lesley and her family and other young people from different countries. They were all very friendly!

At first it was difficult for me to understand and speak but, day by day, everything improved.

I am happy with my stay in Bristol!

The weather was good (incredible!) One day we went to Wales and had a fantastic time in the countryside.  I liked it!

The lessons were interesting and my English is better now!

Two weeks in Somerset

We were lucky to find one of the best teachers. So don’t be jealous if we’re now better than you in English.

We have enjoyed visiting the Banwell Bone Caves and the story of this place was really interesting with the religious aspect. So we are now aware of the folklore of the area.

This experience was completed by a lunch in Brenthouse Restaurant which can be really appreciated if you want to fill your stomach.

On the last day, we enjoyed a theatre play in the Bristol Old Vic played by the National Youth Theatre which is a very good troupe and made you think.

So all those experiences have helped us to improve our comprehension of English.  IMG_5624

Geoff’s visit to Gloucestershire

I really enjoyed my visit to Snowdonia with my partner Giacomo. when we first saw the mountain, we thought it was impossible, but after two hours we made the summit. it was a great feeling. The lessons were fun, and I also enjoyed going to the gym and playing football.




Oh my God, it is so difficult to write this review, because I’ve found just advantages staying here, haha.

I came to Manchester airport on the 22nd of June. Then I caught a train to York where Lois met me. That was the start of my lovely working holiday. The house is located in the village Tockwith. It is not big, but on the second day you are actually used to it. My bedroom was very comfortable, we had variety of delicious food, and atmosphere was really fantastic. Nick and Lois are very kind, sociable, you have fun, you feel comfortable with them. I stayed with Claudia – a very lovely student from Spain. We spent a lot of time together, went shopping and sightseeing. With the family we visited new places such as Bridlington, Wetherby, York, Leeds. We got experience in climing the trees;))) (http://goape.co.uk/treetopadventure) We visited unforgettable places such as cliffs at the Bridlington area, visited the seaside in Bridlington (I won’t advise you to swim there guys, the water is really cold, but you can easily moist your feet ;)) )  and Fountains Abbey which is marvelous if you like this sort of things. When me and Claudia came here the wether was VERY British. It was really cold! Buuut the third week made us happy, and the temperature was really high, something about 25-26C. We even had sun-bathing!

I came here to prepare for my TOEFL exam.  I took 20 hours per week. I’m a hard-working student so 4 hours a day were really good for me and for the rest of the day I didn’t feel alone. We talked a lot, movies, played games. Every Monday morning we went to the swimming pool and every Tuesday evening we went to salsa. We also visited a really good event on the Friday night (2nd week). Lots of people gathered together to dance salsa and bachata. It was fantastic! Nick is very found of cycling. (but ehm..it is not a very good description, he is crazy of cycling!) One evening we went cycling for a distance of 22km for an hour. He has lots of bycicles by the way. Me and Claudia very keen on the chocolate! So, we visited the chocolate museum in York! In this museum they forced us to eat lots of chocolates, make a chocolate lollipop and eat, eat, eat!

So, you know, if you want to spend a really good time in England, learn a lot of new things, visit different places, improve your English and meet fonderful people you MUST come to Nick and Lois Folkard’s house in Tolkwith!

Great way of learning English

Hi, I’m Borja, 18 years old and I’m from Spain. I just had 2 wonderful weeks in Bourmouth with a lovely family.
I went there because I needed to prepare for the First Certificate of English, so I studied hard during the time I spent there. As well as the studies, I did many different activities. I tried surfing, which I had never done before, and it was a great experience. I also played mini golf, visited Bourmouth and Portsmouth. I also played mini golf, and went for walks though forests and on the fantastic beaches.I cannot say I got bored at all! As there were other students at home, I met different people from all over the world.It was a great opportunity to improve my English while I was immersed in a traditional British family.
I would like to thank the family for their hospitality. I felt like I was in my own house, I’m really thankful to them. Just hope I could meet them again.
I recommend this place and this familiy to have a perfect time and improve your english. I’m sure you won’t regret it.


Lucas and me

Learning in St Albans

Hello,  my  name  is  Jiebin,  i  come  from  China,  I’m  19.  I  stayed  in  St  Albans  with  Kate  and  peter  for  ten  weeks,  i  had  plenty  of  fun  with  Kate’  family.  I  came  to  England  to  learn  English  and  to  prepare  for  the  IELTS  exam.

It  was  amazing  to  describe  my  long  journey  in  England. I  went  to  London,  Durham,  cambridge,  Brighton,  Blenheim  Palace  and  the  zoo, i  especially  like  visiting  Durham,  Cambridge  and  London.

In  Durham,  Kate,  Peter  and  i  lived  with  Kate’  brother  in  law  for  two  days,   her  brother  in  law  was  quite  funny.  He  taught  me  cooking and  we  went  to  Durham  university,  It  was  very  beautiful,  then  we  visited  the  Durham  cathedral,  it  was  one  thousand  years  old  and  still  very  beautiful.

In  Cambridge,  we  visited  Cambridge  university  and  there  were  30  colleges.  we  saw  many  building  about  famous  people,  like  Isaac  Newton’s  accomodation.

In  London,  i  visited  the  Madame  Tussauds,  which  was  very  fantastic.  There  were  400  waxworks  inside,  including  actors,  singers,  bands  and  politicians.  It  was  quite  interesting.  Then  i  went  to  BFI  cinema,  tower  bridge,  Buckingham  Palace  and  Chinatown,  they  all  were  good  experiences  for  me

In  addition,  we  still  have  many  activities.  We  went  to  concert  every  Wednesday  and  i  had  lots  of  conversation  to  practice  my  socializing.  Sometime,  we  visited  some  new  teachers  and  Kate  gave  some  advice  to  teachers.

Now,  my  English  is  much  better  and  i  will  never  forget  this  lovely  journey !

Thank  you  for  everything.


3 amazing weeks in the north-east of England

I studied English in the north-east of England, the area of Cumbria. The place where a lot of beautiful lakes. I lived in the countryside in a large home of Caroline’s Cowan family. I met Caroline family, children, parents, sister, her husband and her friends. This is a very friendly, intelligent, versatile, interesting people and it was very great to talk to them. We have a lot of walking with Caroline, in this stunning natural location, next to small cozy English town, near the capital of Scotland, Edinburgh, where we went on a tour. I had a comfortable room with a great view from the window, Caroline excellent cook, I tried a lot of new dishes, met with the British way of life and traditions. Caroline is very attentive and caring teacher, It was nice and interesting to deal and talk with her, I would be pleased to meet with her again if I will have the opportunity.
I want to thank the school living learning english for good organization and good training.