4 weeks, 28 days living in English

My name is Pol and I’ve been here for 4 weeks. If some young student would be thinking about coming to the UK to live this amazing experience, I would tell them that this is the best way to grow up and make one of the bests improvements talking about english. It’s obvious that some of your friends will decide to go to other places with foreign students to “learn English”, but with the time you’ll realise that making this effort and came here alone to eat, dream,learn and live english was one of your bests decisions.

My second trip to Windsor




Hello, I’m Polina and I’m 15 years old.

My teacher was Donna Butler.
I’ve been to Windsor and to this family for the second time and I really enjoyed it.
We went to London twice, to the cinema, Windsor Castle, Virginia water, National History museum, also we had a boat trip.
I think, that the best way to improve your English speech is talking. That’s why I liked when we were walking with Jasper, the dog, in the morning. We were talking a lot.
We went few times to the centre of Windsor for shopping.
I liked my room, the food and of course my family.
I hope, that I’ll have time and opportunity to go there next summer, because this trip is my favorite part of my summer and my holidays.

My 2 weeks in Windsor

Hello, my name’s Eva and I’m 15. I’m from Mataro, a little city next to Barcelona, Spain. So I would like to explain to you my holidays in Windsor. During this 2 weeks, I’ve been with Donna, my teacher, and her lovely and amazing family. In all these days, we’ve done a lot of things, like visiting Windsor itself, like the Windsor castle and going shopping. We also went to the cinema, twice. Every morning we used to take the dog for a walk. During these walking moments, we made some funny speaking. It was a nice and interesting conversation to practise our speaking and know each other better. After that we used to do some studying. Everything I’ve done this trip has been amazing, but the thing I Iiked the most, was London. It was INCREDIBLE. Being there, it has been my dream for years, and now I have made it come true. In there, we did a lot of things, like having dinner in the Hyde Park, or visit the Natural HIstory Museum, saw the Piccadilly Circus,, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar square, Leicester square, Covent garden, m&m’s world and the Big Ben, the London Eye, and the Tower Bridge, oh, and the shopping times. Everything has been and experience to me. I’m really thankul to Donna for everything she has done for us. I definitely would like to come next summer.

Three weeks in Bristol!!

bouldering graffiti

I’m Niccolo saligari and I’m from Rome.I went in Bristol to prepare for Ielts exam but I also had much fun and great moments.My teacher is Heather who has a husband named Chris and a 22 years old child,Liam.Their are really fun,friendly and always ready to help you if you needed.I had very interesting excursions such as SS Great Britain,Bristol walking tour and many others and also some funny ones such as Graffiti work shops, bouldering and Jungle Rumble mini golf with other Living Learning English students.The lessons were in the morning and I think they were useful to prepare IELTS.In the afternoon,we had 2 excursions per week and some free time time which I mostly spend it going to the gym.

My stay in Upton Magna

       Hi to everyone!

I’m Cristina, I’m 15 nearly 16 and I’m from Madrid, Spain.

I want to tell everyone my experience on this course. I had spent my time in a village near Shrewsbury, called Upton Magna. I’ve stayed with a family. Mike and Julieanne are the parents and she is my teacher, they’ve 4 children: Sian, Dan, Ben and Emily.  Also I’ve stayed with Morgane, a French girl.

Talking about the lessons we had 4 hours each morning except weekends that we have less. The lessons start at 9 and finished at 1 but nevertheless it’s not hard to have them because we have games, presentations, different types of exercises and obviously some breaks… So it’s 100% very good. One time we were having a lesson and the cat joined us!


After lunch we have free time, if it’s sunny I usually go outside with Morgane to sunbathe! Later we choose a film or if we have something planned we go for it! For example, we made cookies (delicious), painted a picture with the help of an artist, if not it’s impossible!, made a tile, made a flower and bunting in craft workshop, also in clay-modelling I tried to make a dog but it was very difficult and I was a little bit frustrated! We went to the cinema to see Jurassic world, visited Ironbridge, Telford… and so many things!!.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA









One day we went on a picnic and we could see a very good view of Shrewsbury, also the scenery was awesome!IMG_6117IMG_5809

Another day we went to a dog show, the fete was very good. We could participate in many events, and also we won a Rosette!

In the fete there were many dogs who jumped through the ring.

Also there was a Barn Owl that I could hold, a Samba band, and a lot of stores where we bought presents! It was so funny.








On another day, in the afternoon we went to visit the Bell tower, the only drawback was the spiders! The view was amazing!!! And OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAwe could see all the village and the surrounding land. We took some photos.


In conclusion, the experience is one that I would like to repeat!!

Thanks for all the fun! I’ve enjoyed it a lot!




My English Course

working in my lesson
working in my lesson


Juan tennis JuanJuan and DarcyJuan OgmoreJuan paintingJuan Swansealino printingLily in pushchairservingIMG_0989[1]lino printing

Juan OgmoreJuan and DarcyRose

Hello My name is Juan, I am 11 nearly 12,  I’m  from ‘Madrid in Spain.  I want to talk abut how I enjoyed this course.first of all I want to talk about the lessons because I liked them so much.  April was my teacher she  talk to us about the history of Wales, about  Gelert, Lovespoons  and the traditional food of Wales like Bara Birth .The lessons start  early and then we have lunch and then we go to a different place every day .  We went to Cardiff and I made pottery for my mother.  April teach us to carve and then print, I made a flower for my mother, we put it in a frame. We went to Ogmore Castle and jumped over the very old stepping stone, this was very beautiful.  April has two dog, Lily and Darcy, we took them for a walk in the pushchair, I did not push!!   On Monday we went to the stadium of the team Swans in SWANSEA and to the Wales museum ohhhhh I loved it .On Tuesday we went to the water park so coooool in Spain where I live  we haven’t got this……… let’s talk about the food April likes cooking I can remember the dinner of the first day we had Sunday family meal….. Then the lessons are 100% very good, games, competitions and a little bit of homework for the next day …. April ask you.  what do you want you to improve  of course I said the pronunciation  uhhhhhh.  For Spanish people it it very difficult.  I enjoyed this experience, the mo

My stay in England

I liked the lessons in the morning, but I think that the lessons start quite early. I think that the lessons are similar in Spain, but a really important difference is that in England the people do the classes in English.

The last week I went to the Zoo and I really enjoyed this, it was very good. I don’t have any complaints about this activity. The Zoo in Spain is really similar and the only difference is that in England you need to talk in English.

Three days ago we went to the Black Country Museum and I liked this, but the only complaint is that in the museum there are a lot of schools and I don’t like to be in a museum or other place with a lot of people. I don’t know if in Spain we have this type of museums, but I think that the Black Country Museum was one of the best museums I saw.

The last week and two days ago I went to the Go Karting Circuit and I think that this was the best activity, I really enjoyed it. I don’t have any complaints. These karts don’t have any difference between the karts that I have in Spain, and the only difference is the language.

Four days ago I went to the Severn Valley Railway and it was very good, I have no complaints. The difference is that in Spain I think that we don’t have similar old trains.

Yesterday I visited Birmingham and I liked it but there were a lot of people. I think that Birmingham is very similar to Madrid because there are a lot of people and also a lot of shops.

Every day we ate the dinner with the family but the last week we did a barbeque and had guests that are Janette’s daughter Rachel and her boyfriend Javier. In this barbeque we ate a lot of things like meat, chicken and vegetables. I really enjoyed this and in Spain when we do a barbeque we also call friends and put the same things on the barbeque.

I really enjoyed my stay in England.


Javier Alonso García.

From Sunny Spain to Sunny Cardiff

I have been in Cardiff for two weeks and I have had a really good time! Not just because I learned a lot in the lessons also because I spoke a lot with the family. They are very friendly and easy going. I think the lessons had a good level for me and I found all of them useful and entertaining. After these two weeks I think I have improved my English specially speaking and vocabulary. At home everything is very good: the meals, the room and even the internet connection for those who want to keep contact with them families.  All the trips and visits were very fun, some of them introduces you into the Welsh culture very well. Cardiff is a nice city with a very nice castle and a beautiful bay. There is a lovely path along the river that connects the city center with the family’s  house. I would really recommend you staying here for learning English because I had had a very nice stay in Cardiff.






IELTS Course

Happy time in Tockwith with Nick and Lois .
Hi everyone My name is Pai , I have spent 5 months in UK . Working hard with  preparation for IELTS exam.
However I think I am the luckily guy . My teacher Nick is a person who is very kind and friendly .
When we first came here , I was unable to have a conversation with them , but they listened our speaking very patiently . Moreover I glad I have a teacher like this that teach me how to solve the problems I have had even just like my family .
In the beginning of the course , it’s really hard to keep moving on the learning of English . I alway upset with that , however Nick alway tells me something about his experience in his life ,encourages me go up step by step , Just like a father give his kid motivation , and we also rise up together day by day . One thing we must mention is Nick is a funny guy , all the thing his said is really funny so that is why I have a happy days here , The atmosphere is the same as at home .
We also have been to some places like London and Cambridge , all the time is very happy with them . In this atmosphere your English will improve very fast . In addition you could have a lot of activities here such as Go ape,  horse riding ,go hiking by the sea and you can play your own favorite sport that they will find a club for you.  You will have good section on every weekend . After that you will know some social skill then you could live in UK by yourself .
Now I am go back to China , I think I will miss them so much, they are very useful for me and my English.This has been an unforgettable experience .

From French capital to Welsh capital

My name is Pierre-Alexandre, I am seventeen years-old and I live in Paris. I stayed in Cardiff two weeks. I enjoyed all I saw during my journey. I came for improving my level in English, but I learnt a lot about the city and the Welsh way of life too. Every visit was a discovery for me, so everything interested me a lot. I think that this journey could not be better than as it was. I wasn’t homesick because I had real good food (like we have in Paris), Wi-fi, television,etc, all things you want to have to keep in touch with your family, and improve your English level in the same time ! Mornings lessons were very useful, the activities on the afternoon too. Moreover I was in a really great family composed by very nice persons, which helped be to practise    my English speaking. Nevertheless, I had time for my personal school work, so the journey was very complete. I think that my level in English really improved. I recommend the Jenkins-Jones family for everyone one who wants to improve his English in the best conditions 🙂

IMG_1146 IMG_1134 IMG_1133 IMG_1115