Homestay course in Bristol

Good evening to everybody, I’m Matteo Masella from Italy, i’m 23 years old and i would tell you about my experience with Living Learning English with the teacher Susan Caporn in Bristol. It was a beautiful experience where i could have learnt a lot thanks to the teacher who did an amazing job ! Susan was always available giving a help everytime i had some problems. Having meals with the family was so important thanks to the teacher’s husband who was very nice, he made good dishes and was important for this experience because i spoke a lot with him too. I did two beautiful activities with the teacher as well where i could have seen Bristol very well discovering his history.

Moreover the school Living Learning English organized my course very well so i reccomend this experience to everyone would like to improve his english. So thanks to the school and thanks to the teacher and her nice family !

14702272_10209641182257898_7708531013373550443_nhere a photo with the Suspension Bridge behind me !

Wonderful stay in Edinburgh

Hello ! My name is Coralie and I’m from France. In August, I spent two weeks in Edinburgh, the capital of Scotland, living with Daphne and her husband Russ. Daphne is a great teacher and my lessons with her proved very helpful for the preparation of my exam (CAE). During my stay, I had the opportunity to discover Edinburgh which is beautiful and I did many other activities. For example, I went to the Highlands for a couple of days, I went to the cinema, I did some baking et I took part in a traditional Scottish dance class. This trip was one of the best I did in the United Kingdom and thanks to it, I met wonderful people and improved my English as I had hoped.

Two weeks in Stratford Upon-Avon

I stayed two week with the Comyns  family and their  two children. In the morning I did 3 hours of lessons, but they were great because there aren’t only with the book, we used the computer and saw some videos and it did the lesson more interactive. In the afternoon  every day I went to visit one popular place, like Shakespeare’s birthplace, Charlecote Park, Coughton Court, Cadbury’s chocolate factory, and also we went on a boat….It’s very nice experience and it’s very fun, the time past very fast and you practise a lot of your English. The family is very friendly and very nice with you. I recommend this experience!!!!


Gill, teacher Brighton

Teacher, Gill Stephens, has a great experience and she really knows to adapt lessons and teacher methods to the needs to the student. She has motivated me in my learning process and in adition to the day-to-day lessons, she has been able to detect my limitations and boundaries. She helped me to work out a teaching training in the long term. I am absolutely delighted for her help. She is, certainly, the best English teacher that I have ever had.

Thanks to Gill I have achieved to improve my English skills and to gain more self confidence. I am very satisfied with the progress made. Excellent!

Two weeks in Chippenham.

This summer I spent two weeks in Chippenham at Elizabeth and Scott’s house, they are splendid people and I felt at ease from the first day.

During the morning we had lessons and in the afternoon I had free time to study, to enjoy the beautiful house or practice my english watching tv programs. We also spent time teaching each other how to cook a cake and italian pasta, porridge and a typical english breakfast. I also visited a lot a places both on my own and with Elizabeth during two afternoon per week. I visited amazing places in a magnificent part of England full of country houses, manors and gardens…exactly what I wanted to see. On the weekend we went to the seaside with Scott and Sally and maybe this was my favorite day!

Our lesson were in the morning for 3 hours each day. Elizabeth is a very good teacher, I learnt a lot thank to her teaching method and she is very patient and careful. When I arrived I was terrified not to understand a word but with them everything was easy.

If you ask me if I’m happy of this time in England I would say: absolutely yes!! It was a great experience of life and one of the best choice I’ve ever taken to improve my english.

Living Learning English is an excellent organization, I surely recommend to study english with them.

Buscot Park garden
Buscot Park garden


Roman Baths
Roman Baths


Saint Christ Church College in Oxford
Saint Christ Church College in Oxford109_0677
Lytes Cary Manor near Somerton
Lytes Cary Manor near Somerton
Scott, Elizabeth and Sally
Scott, Elizabeth and Sally
Me in Castle Combe
Me in Castle Combe
Blenheim Palace
Blenheim Palace
Great Chatfield Manor
Great Chatfield Manor



A month in England

Hi, I am Vanesa and I spent an amazing month in England – the first 2 weeks in Exeter and the last 2 in Bristol.

Exeter is a beautiful, charming city. The cathedral is gorgeous, the quayside was lovely and, in the city centre, there are lots of good shops. The city is also very lively at night with a good atmosphere.It was really nice staying at Chris’ house and the whole family thought of everything I might need. Sometimes we went on excursions with friends, which meant I could practise speaking English with different people. I also had the chance to go kayakking, which I had never done before. I loved it! As for the classes, we always focussed on where I needed to improve.

For the next 2 weeks I stayed with Lesley in Bristol. I did a course with Lesley 2 years ago so I only have good things to say! An excellent atmosphere in the house with everyone who lives there. An excellent teacher – and an excellent family.

I would have absolutely no hesitation in returning to both homes.

Thanks to Chris and Lesley for making my lessons and time in England so wonderful – and such fun!

Noriko’s Wonderful Stay in Wallingford

My name is Noriko and I came from Japan. I have spent ten days with Shan and Andrew in Wallingford.

The lessons were very helpful and wonderful. I found my English improved a lot. I also had cooking lessons with Shan’s husband Andrew and I really enjoyed them.

I have visited many places. I have been to Blenheim Palace. It is the first world heritage site I have been to. It is a spectacular Baroque building with gorgeous gardens.

I also have been to Oxford and had a tour of the colleges. Christ Church College and cathedral were magnificent.

On Tuesday I listened to a fascinating lecture on China by Jonathan Fenby.

This afternoon I am visiting Henley and tomorrow we are going to visit Windsor Castle.

I have had many good experiences. I really want to say thank you to Shan and Andrew.

Noriko 1Noriko BakingNoriko by the river

My Language Stay

My Language Stay


Hi my name is Roméo and I come from France. I would like to describe my stay,

I started my language course on the 5 of July and I arrived to the Gatwick airport at 4 o’clock. The Taxi driver came with Bohdan my partner who lost his passport in the airport. We walked to the mini bus and it took 2 hours to get to Margate from London Gatwick. We arrived at the Dinglery’s house, we met the family Ella the teacher, Jim her husband and Betsy the family’s dog. Then we discovered our bedrooms, the bathroom, the living room, and the dinning room – a beautiful house. After this discovering we had the first dinner in the Dinglery’s house it was very good.  During the Stay we did lot of activities like : mini golf, bowling, theme park ( Dreamland ), the cinema ( to watch 3D Terminator Genisys ) and lot of visits like the Margate shell grotto, the Canterbury Cathedral, the Tudor house ( the oldest house of Margate ) and the Spitfire museum.

I learnt lot of things which will be useful for the future and I say thank you to Ella and Jim for welcoming me inside their house and for teaching me English through games, fun and work.



DSC08178 DSC08173 DSC08172 DSC08166 DSC08165 DSC08162 DSC08155 DSC08148

Amazing stay in Upton Magna!



I’m Morgane and I come from France. This year, I decided to stay for 3 weeks in England to improve my English. For this stay, I was in a little village called Upton Magna, with a Spanish girl named Cristina. Actually, we didn’t know each other before but we became really good friends! In the family there is the mother, Julieanne, the father, Mike, the children, Emily, Ben, Dan and Sian, the dogs called Peaches, Paddy and Percy and finally the crazy cat, Nevis.

Percy wins 2nd prize


Lessons with Nevis


Julieanne taught us English every morning. We began the lesson at 9, so it wasn’t too early. We made lots of different things like presentations, talking

Then in the afternoon, we made lots of different things. We went to a dog show and the dog, Percy won a 2nd prize! We saw dance, made delicious cookies, tiles, corsage, bunting, modelled clay, painted a about different subjects, writing response letter and transforming songs with other words. I find it wasn’t boring at all, but very interesting and varied. I didn’t really realize that we did 4 hours every morning. One time, the cat decided to join us! It was very funny because she answered the questions!

picture, went shopping, went to the cinema, to a musical, into a wood, to museums…


We discovered new foods: the roast dinner, thechicken pasta bake, the best chocolate cookies and much more. We also cooked it with the family and especially with the daughter, Emily.

We didn’t realise that we did so many activities before we wrote a journal. We wrote all the things we did and then I thought “ Wouah! We did so many things!”

In the evening, we often watched films on TV or played with Emily and Cristina in the garden. I never got bored because we always did something different, every day.

Finally, this stay was a great experience. Before I came I didn’t have any ideas of the things we would make and the family I would meet. I was never worried about anything because the family is very relaxed. I like it! If I had the opportunity to do this again, I wouldn’t hesitate!

Needle work
Dance (dog show)
Delicious cookies
On the bridge
Roast dinner
Teddy Bear shop
Upton Magna
Walking in the woods

   Walking in the wood

Our Experiences in Redhill, England

Hello, we are Eleanora from Italy and Cristina from Spain.
We have been in Redhill, near London, in Lyne and Stephen Rolph’s house and we had a lots of fun.
We had lessons in the morning and in the afternoon we had other activities like Short Mat Bowls in YMCA Sport Centre or shopping in Redhill.
We also spent all the day out in London, Brighton and Eastbourne.
In London, we visited Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. We also went into the underground and into Harry Potter bus. And don’t forget O2 in Greenwich Peninsula.
In Brighton, we went shopping and we went to a fun fair in Brighton Pier, where we tried new attractions.
In Eastbourne we went to celebrate Cicely’s ninety-third birthday party. There were all the Rolph family.
So, we enjoyed this experience and we recommend everyone to try it.
And don’t forget study English cause is really important.
Bye(Now yes)

On the Pier at Brighton
On the Pier at Brighton
Trampoline on Brighton Pier
Trampoline on Brighton Pier
Water Ride on the Pier at Brighton
Water Ride on the Pier at Brighton
Big Ben in London
Big Ben in London
Horse Guards in London
Horse Guards in London