Cambridge stay

Living Learning English Review:


Hello, my name is Arthur and I’m from Switzerland.I’m fifiteen.I really enjoyed my two weeks stay in Daniela’s family. My english has improved and I’m satisfied about it.




Everyday exept the weekend, I got up at 7:30, the lessons started at 8:15 and finished around 11:30. I think that these two weeks in Cambridge have been very useful, knowing that I’m going to be studying IGCSE’s next year, and it’s also a good experience. I practiced my writing skills a lot, and I think it helped me improve my english.




Everyday, we went out to visit a different place. The father of the family: Derick, once took me to an aircraft museum. He knows almost everything about these planes: their history, what they were used for, the countries who used to use them, and much more.




The food was delicious. Daniela is a great cook. She makes her pizzas from scratch, which makes them particularly tasty. I really enjoyed them.





The Thakes are lovely. They were always there to help if there was any problems and they are very friendly. I spent a pleasant time with them during these two weeks in Cambridge.


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