Bea and Cristina in Clevedon 2013

These three weeks we stayed in Yvonne’s house in Clevedon, near Bristol.

We have done a lot of thing, the first weekend we went to the Tree Adventure where we climbed and walked through the trees, the second weekend we went to Bath and we visited all the city by a touristic bus. During these three weeks we did water skiing, sunbathing, jumping on the trampoline  and we went camping!!!

We visited Bristol and we went shopping a lot of times!!!!! then we sailed the harbor of Bristol.

We stayed in a lovely neighborhood in front of the seaside where we usually walked through the streets and we visited the pier of Clevedon, and the beach and the most exciting thing was when we discovered the CREAM TEAS!!!! At the end of our journey both of us bought the cream teas!!

We have spent a lovely time with our host family and with our journey!! we are proud to had this perfect experience!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

We will miss our routine a lot !!!!!!!!








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