Exciting holidays in Clevedon by Kayano and Uliana

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We were in Clevedon for an unforgettable 3 weeks! Here we visited Clevedon’s old pier. We visited famous places like Bath, Bristol and Stonehenge! Also we learnt how to water-ski, it was amazing! 🙂 Because of our lessons we reduced our grammar mistakes, and at the beginning of every lesson we talked about books that we were reading during the course. We really enjoyed our time here and recommend you to have the same experience yourselves!!

Staying in Clevedon

It was my first time in England. Clevedon is a very nice town near the seaside. Very green and has a lot of places for walking. I was afraid no one would understand my English but it wasn’t so. The lessons were very useful and I made progress. Now I feel more comfortable and confident. During my 4 week stay, were a lot of outings and all of them were very cool. Atmosphere in the house was friendly and relaxed. Food was excellant and healthy.
IMG_20140614_145423 IMG_20140614_153614Maria Smirnova, St.Petersburg, Russia.

My stay in Clevedon

During 8-21 September 2013 I had my English course in Clevedon, with a very nice and qualified teacher Yvonne Tucker. I enjoyed our lessons, they were useful for me and all topics were really interesting, because Yvonne tried to find teaching materials according to my interests, that was very important,  it made me always be interested during the learning process. Another important part of my course was conversations. I spoke in my lessons on different subjects, and after them, because I lived at the teacher’s family and had to communicate, and that was precious practice!

It was my first time in the United Kingdom, so everything was interesteing to me. With my teacher we visited Bristol, Bath, London, Weston-Super-Mare, Oxford.  All the trips were fantastic! I really enjoyed them!

I would like to say THANK YOU to Living Learning English and Yvonne Tucker and her family for these wonderful days which I spent together with you and your help! Certainly I have improved my English, and when I get back to my work in Ufa, Russia, it will help me in my work.

I would like to say to people who are thinking to take a homestay course with Living Learning English: do not doubt, this is a unique program which makes your English better in every way.