Scotland rocks!


I’m Yannick from Germany and I’m 14 years old. I stayed in the Angus area nearby Edinburgh for 3 weeks. I had plenty of fun with my french friend staying on the fantastic farm. My host family was really awesome and open-minded too.

In the mornings we usually hit the books, which was important for my English practice. In our leisure time my friend and I often did a lot of sports, went to the city centre or had great excursions with Carole, our nice English teacher. For instance once we played a close tennis match. After I scored a set point I meant business but then my friend came back and the match got closer. Despite having 4 days rain, what is normal for Britain, the weather was nice in general.

Furthermore, we had an excursion to the famous “Fettercairn”  whisky distillery, where the whisky was highly recommendable I think. Also, you can get much knowledge how the whisky is produced.

Moreover, I visited Edinburgh, a huge city with many kinds of historical sights e.g. the famous tourist attraction Edinburgh Castle. On the other hand I enjoyed listening to the bagpipes or just strolling through the busy streets of Edinburgh.

In conclusion I made the right decision going to a family like the Smiths to learn English in an easy way. I wish I could stay for a longer time in Scotland. The family is highly recommendable and I had a whale of a time stayin’ in Scotland!