Hello, I am Heloise from France

With Lyne and Stephen we visited London: Tower Bridge, Big Ben, Buckingham Palace …they are very nice.  We have lessons with Lyne.  Two weeks ago we arrived in England.  London is fantastic.  We painted a box, went swimming, went on a bus, on a train, on the cable car and saw the Shard in London.  There are two kittens in the house.  We visited the Brighton Pavilion and the giant prawn on the seafront is very big.  Lyne has three tortoises.  Lyne and Stephen are fantastic.  This country is beautiful.


Every morning we had lessons but the afternoons are activities.  Lyne has got short blond hair and she is small.  She has got glasses.

England, Redhill

Hello, I am Yana from Russia!

Two weeks ago I came to England to our wonderful family: Lyne and Stephen. I wanted to enjoy this beautiful country and to learn English better. I think that I have done it.

Every morning we had lessons with our great Lyne. She is a beautiful teacher, I think English with her is easy. In the afternoon we did lot of things, such as painting some figures like a bear and a pretty box or going to Brighton and going shopping. We went to London. We have seen many beautiful places, like Tower Bridge, St Pauls Cathedral, Buckingham Palace… The most exciting place for me was Big Ben, because I didn`t believe I`m really in England, but Big Ben has convinced me!

To sum up, we have had wonderful time and I have learned a lot of things! Thanks Lyne and Stephen!