A week in Cambridge with Daniela

A week in Cambridge with Daniela 


the first day, Sunday 

When I came I had a big tasty lunch at home. Then I had 4-hour lesson.


the second day, Monday 

3-hour lesson started at 8 am. After lesson Daniela and I started cooking nice pancakes with Nutella and then we and her children ate them. After our lunch we decided to do sightseeing in Cambridge. The architecture of this city is quite old, but beautiful and I liked it. We visited lots of colleges, including St Joan’s College. During our trip we ate some ice cream.


the third day, Tuesday 

3-hour lesson started at 8:10 am. After lesson we made lots of tasty paninis, it was our lunch. Then we had roasted chicken with vegetables for dinner.


the forth day, Wednesday 

4-hour lesson started at 8:10 am. After lesson I had a very big and delicious lunch: pasta carbonara and risotto. The weather was terrible, so we stayed at home.


the fifth day, Thursday 

4-hour lesson started at 8:05 am. After lesson we cooked very nice pizza with ham, cheese and vegetables. Then we went to the old town to the another college. After that we decided to go to The Fitzwilliam Museum. There were lots of different sculptures and paintings of different cultures.