Stay of 3 weeks in Warwick in one-to-one

I stayed 3 weeks in Warwick at Teresa’a house and the time flying by !
The area was so beautiful and there were a lot of things to do.
Teresa and I went to Charlecote, Warwick Castle and lots of different place.

I met a lot of Teresa’s friends and all the people were very sweet and friendly, I could practice my English !
One day, I cooked for Teresa and a couple of her friends and it was a fantastic evening and I could still talk !

I was lucky with the weather, 3 weeks in England with the sun, it was amazing and very good for my mind !

I came to England to improve my English and I’m very happy with it. I learnt lots of things in a short time, it was perfect ! Teresa is a very good teacher – her courses went very fast and I think it’s a very good sign – and she cooks very well !!