One week in Margate

Thursday 23th June

Today its my last day in Margate so I decided to tell about my week in this town.

Every day , we start with 3 hours of English lessons and after lunch we went in different places to visit.

On the first day, we went to the Royal Air Force Manston history museum”. It was very interesting. There were lots of air planes and a tiny tank. It was fantastic. I took lots of photos and I bought a plastic model kit of a big airplane. When we returned home,I did my homework and afterwards it was time to have dinner. We had some curry and rice. Maybe the best moment of the day because Ella is a fantastic cook.

The next day we went to visit Deal Castle and Walmer Castle. After that we went to the swimming pool with a big slide and waves. I had chips and a cheeseburger there. Nice!

On the third day after our lessons we went to Canterbury Cathedral. We listened to the choir. It was amazing!

The next day after our lessons we went to Shell Grotto (4.6 million shells decorating the cave!), visited Turner Contemporary Gallery (I could read Leonardo da Vinci writing with a mirror!), and the Olde Sweet Shop, where I bought some presents for my brother and sister.

On Friday after the lessons Ella and I played tennis (first time in my life!!!), then Ella’s daughter Alexa and I played bowling (I lost 🙁 ) .

I had all sorts of food i’ve never tried before – Ella’s soups – and I loved them! And coleslaw is really nice