A week in Margate with Ella and her family

We are Valentin (15) and Simon (13), we’re from Geneva. This was our first visit to England. We spent one week in Margate from 26 June to 2 July. On our first day, we visited the Turner Contemporary Gallery in the afternoon and the evening we watched a football match on TV. On our second day we visited Dover Castle in the afternoon, it was very big and nice. In the evening we watched another football match. On our third day we went swimming it was a lot of fun!!! On our fourth day we went to a shopping centre and we bought clothes and some sweets. After dinner we watched ‘The Simpsons movie’. On our fifth day we visited the Shell Grotto in Margate and the Canterbury Cathedral where we heard the boys’ choir, they were fantastic. At the end of the day we watched another football match. On our last full day we played tennis and we watched another football match because it was Euro 2016.

Every morning we had breakfast at 9 and our lessons began at 10. We had 3 hours of lessons and a 30-minute break, Ella is a great teacher and gave us flower stickers when we did well.

I learned many new words and my speaking got better. My brother also learned lots of new words and verb forms.

The food was very varied and good and it’s a great family.

We made good progress here in Margate.


Valentin and Simon