A great experience


MY LESSONS My lessons were fine because we covered topics which I was interested in so the lessons were interesting and absolutely not boring. The 3 hours flew past. I could cover and review all the things I wanted to do because we discussed everything. THE SOCIAL PROGRAMME The first day, the family asked me what I would like to visit. I said London and they organized our trip. I’m so happy about this journey to London! We visited everything so the day after I could go back to London alone without having problems. They explained to me how to use the tube. MY FAMILY They made me feel at home, from my arrival to my departure. They are nice, generous, hospitable, great people. My room was comfortable and really light and I like light. This was my first experience alone in a place that I didn’t know and especially with people that I didn’t know and I have to tell the truth: It was a brilliant vacation, a fantastic experience, a great way for fun, to learn English and improve my English. Today I have to go back home and I’m so sad and moody. I would like to stay here in London and with this family and learn more and more other things about the language.

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