My stay in Shropshire

Hi! My name is Silvia, I’m 16 years old and I’m from Spain. I arrived to England three weeks ago and not only I’ve improved my English level, but also I’ve had a fantastic time here. I’ve spent my stay in Shropshire with Flavie, my French mate, and with the Lloyd family, who were very nice and kind with us.

In the morning we had three hours of lessons and then in the afternoon we normally went on different trips. We’ve been to the cinema, some museums, a shopping centre… And we even did some interesting activities such as making a tile, painting a picture and having animal encounters with pythons, owls and foxes. What’s more, even the days that we didn’t have any trip we did lots of things like playing sports, baking cakes or playing board games. We’ve also tried some local food like fish and chips, which was delicious!

I recommend to everyone having this type of experience at least once in their life. In this course I’ve had the opportunity to meet new people from different countries and know their customs and traditions, while improving my English and having a great time, so I have to say that the experience is really worth it.