A beautiful experience

I have been for two amazing weeks here in which I have done lots of different sport, such as playing football and tennis or going for a walk.

I have also visit two beautiful cities, Cardiff and Bristol.

I would recommend everyone to come here for learning English.

Three wonderful weeks with Sally

Hi! Our names are Anastasia and Cristina and  we are from Russia and Spain. Our age is fourteen years old. We have been  at Sally’s house in Trelleck for three weeks.

Every day began with waking up at nine o’clock then we had breakfast at half past nine. Lessons start at 10 o’clock. In our lessons we had speaking and listening exercises.After lessons we have lunch. Lunch was always very tasty. Before activities we had a lot of free time. We had activities like walking, having picnics.

Sally brought us to Bristol and Bath. In Bristol we went to AirHop. AirHop it’s amazing trampoline park. We also were in the theatre which name is The Old Vic. It was incredible. In Bath we went shopping and we bought tickets to sightseeing bus. Also we went to the Eastnor castle where we had a picnic and walked in the gardens.

When we came back after each activity we had a little bit of free time and then we had dinner with the family. We ate chicken with curry and rice or meat with potatoes or vegetables. Then after dinner we had free time. Sometimes we watch a horror film or a comedy with pop corn. Our favourite film was Don’t knock twice.

Most of time Sally cooked dinner but sometimes we cooked it. We cooked lots of things like cookies and risotto. Also one of Sally’s sons was a master of pancakes.

We enjoyed a lot living and learning with Sally and we hope that we will come back.

2 weeks in Wales))))))))))))))))))))))

Hello guys! I was in Wales two weeks, and I had a nice time with my family. We visited a lot of interesting places. I was in a happy mood after each trip. Lessons were very interesting and funny. I very happy after my trip in UK, maybe it’s the best studying trip in my life. Special thanks for my teacher Sally Williams, for her husband Andy Williams and for their sons Harry and Oliver. I never forgot their care and cups of tea. 


my week in Monmouth

I am Pierre, I’ m from to Paris, I am twelve years old. I went for a week in Monmouth near Bristol with the Williams family. I learned grammar, pronunciation, vocabulary … The mornings I had lessons and the afternoons I did activities ; playing tennis, football, seeing Cardiff, Monmouth, Bristol and Chepstow. Sally is a very good cook. We made welshcakes. The kids are very nice, we played pool, Xbox, football. I am really happy this week, it was a very good experience.

4 weeks, 28 days living in English

My name is Pol and I’ve been here for 4 weeks. If some young student would be thinking about coming to the UK to live this amazing experience, I would tell them that this is the best way to grow up and make one of the bests improvements talking about english. It’s obvious that some of your friends will decide to go to other places with foreign students to “learn English”, but with the time you’ll realise that making this effort and came here alone to eat, dream,learn and live english was one of your bests decisions.

Two Weeks in Trellech


My name is Sasha. I’m from Ukraine. I stayed in the Williams house.It was a beautiful two weeks in Great Britain. My teacher is very good, now I know more English. Her sons were very friendly. I visited different places near the village called Trellech where I lived. I went to the big town Bristol.

This is my third time in Great Britain but it was the best time.


Anna’s trip to Wales

Hi! I’m Anna, I’m from Russia and I’m 15;) I was living in Wales for 2 weeks with my partner from Spain. She was very funny. We was getting on well. Also we were very lucky with a family. They are all kind and friendly people. I spent a really good time with them. Especially the youngest boy. He was really cool.

Croqueta time;)

Hi! I’m Anna, I’m from Russia and I’m 15;) I was living in Wales for 2 weeks with my partner from Spain. She was very funny. We got on well. Also we were very lucky with the family. They are all kind and friendly people. I spent a really good time with them. Especially the youngest boy. He was really cool.He rolled up into his blanket and shouted that he is “croqueta”!!! Also we played water bombs throwing them to each other. We were all wet, but happy. Thanks a lot for my crazy time with this boy!My teacher has a nice dog Nala. I liked to play and walk with her. We did a lot of things together with the teacher’s family. We visited Bristol and Cardiff, went to the zoo and saw lovely Banksy’s graffiti. The most exciting thing we did, was paddle boarding. It wasn’t really difficult for me to do it, but quite interesting. Also we went to Sally’s friend’s house. She had a good swimming pool, trampoline and delicious apples.I’d like to say “thanks a lot” to my teacher for her patience, to her children for an incredible time and the weather because it was so hot and sunny. Thank you for this lovely holiday. I’ll never forget them.Thank your for your reading. Best wishes. Anna Salova


Two weeks in Wales. Spanish and Russian students.

Hi, I am Clara and I am from Madrid, Spain. I am 16 years old. I stayed two weeks in Wales with a crazy Russian student, Anna. We stayed in Sallys house with her nice family and her dog Nala. They have a very big house with a nice garden. My room is very comfortable.
During the two weeks I improved my English so much, above all in listening and speaking. I had a very good trip because we did a lot of excursions and I enjoyed them.

Anna and I became very good friends though sometimes it is difficult to understand her because we have different accents. I will keep in touch with her.
Sally is a good teacher and she also went with us to all the places that we wanted to visit. We went swimming, shopping, paddle boarding, we visited Banksy graffitis, riding bikes, the zoo, to the river…

I encourage everyone to do a course like this because I think that it is a very good experience where you meet many people of other countries and improve your english so much.
I will not forget this two weeks and I will repeat it next year!

Clara Martínez.

Three weeks in Monmouth

I went to England for 3 weeks. I like Living Learning English. I went karting, swimming, climbing, castle and a farm. I played with Harry and Oliver. Sally is a good teacher. Sally has a good family. I have had a good time in England.

Dima Panferov, 10 years old, Russia