Our two weeks in The Forest Of Dean with the Price family

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We arrived two weeks ago with a level A2 and now I can see on my report I have improved  my English a lot. We spent lot of time outside, Samantha and her family are very kind to us. I have visited lots of things and discovered British towns such as Gloucester and Cheltenham. Thanks to them I want to come back in England another time. We enjoyed a lot our trip in England, in Newent.

Hello, I spend 2 weeks with Samantha , I spend my time very well. Samantha’s house and family very good , very comfortable. When I go to Samantha’s house her family meet me , Samantha have a dog  his name Bobby. We often met nice place’s in her town. It is my second family  and this family is better.

Good days in England

20140812_155054hi ! In England we have a lot of fun , every day we are doing something . One day we go cycling in the forest. The tour was very long and Mike said “we arrive in 20 minutes …” It was a joke , finally we arrived in 3 hours later , then I found out we had cycled 17 km , omg . We went to Bristol and shopping was very very cooool !!! one day we went to the Gloucester , where filmed Harry Potter – I love this movie so much ..We also went to a treetop, it was cool and awesome. It was a nice experience but I am delighted to return.

Three weeks in Newent this summer

A trip to the fair
A trip to the fair

In Sam’s family it’s really funny and good for learn English!!! The activities is interesting sometimes crazy but good.

It’s good place to come to improve your English (for me, my English is better now).No stress it’s easier for learn English than school! 🙂 !

Juan’s Christmas in Newent

20131231_191017My trip here in England was very interesting. I got  a good experience and `I learned a lot of English. So I`m sure  now that I speak English better  .During the lessons I learned a lot of other interesting subjects. I saw real English culture and traditions.  For example, ,how people celebrate Christmas. I went to a lot interesting places with Sam and her family.  I completed  exercises , and practiced my  English.They let me feel here like at home. It was great 3 weeks.

Dasha’s return trip to Newent

I really liked staying here again. This was my second time in England.

This time I felt like a member of the family and enjoyed going to Oxford and fireworks on 5th November.

Halloween was a great time, and we carved pumpkins and cooked many things.

Nacho’s trip to Newent from Spain

HI, I’m Nacho from Spain and I’m 14 years old. This summer I went to Price family with Living Learning and it was really rewarding, I learned a lot of English and had a lot of fun. in the morning I had a three-hour class where I learned a lot of new things and improve my English skills, and in the afternoon we did things like cycling, going to Wales, playing basketball, swimming, bowling… I also met a lot of new people and try a lot of different new foods: Chinese food, fish and chips, BBQ…

My two weeks here were great so I hope you come and have a lot of fun!

Giacomo from Italy in the Forest Of Dean


I really enjoyed staying here, I improved my English talking with my French partner and the family I stayed with. I had a lot of trips, my favourite one was the one in Wales at Snowdon, we climbed up and down the mountain and at the end of the day we had a wonderful barbecue. I also went a few times in the Forest of Dean first for hiking and then for cycling as you can see in my photo. I also did some sports activities as football, basketball and going to the gym.I hope to come back during the year and also hope that Chris will come and visit me in Rome where he is welcome.

Geoff’s visit to Gloucestershire

I really enjoyed my visit to Snowdonia with my partner Giacomo. when we first saw the mountain, we thought it was impossible, but after two hours we made the summit. it was a great feeling. The lessons were fun, and I also enjoyed going to the gym and playing football.



My stay in Newent by Dasha from Russia

I liked staying here, and I loved my family and want to come back next Summer. I think that I have made lots of progress in English and the lessons were not boring at all. I think that Newent is a good place to go because people here are very friendly and sociable and they like meeting people from abroad. I did lots of walking and saw many beautiful views. All the food was very tasty and I made many friends.

Two weeks in Newent, Forest Of Dean – By Yuliya from The Ukraine, aged 15

I had an excellent time staying with the Price Family. I enjoyed my lessons and they were really interesting. My spoken English has really improved.  i enjoyed visiting lots of places, playing basketball and cycling. I have had a great time and feel like they are family.