My first LLE experience, Yorkshire 2013!

Hello everybody, as everybody does this is my review of the two weeks I’ve passed here in a little village near York called Tockwith.

I’m a 14 year old typical Spanish teenager called Xabi ( don’t ask about the name, is Basque) and this year has been my first year of going to study English on Summer. I wasn’t really nervous before I came, but if you are trust me, you shouldn’t because this house and family is really friendly and you, like me, won’t have problems. Maybe you prefer the coast or the big cities, until you know Yorkshire. There are a lot of trips to do and cities to visit! There is a huge garden where you can play and a lot of films you can see! And there is delicious food to try!

I would like to thank Lois, Nick and Paul, my partner on this experience for these fantastic two weeks and now I return as a new person with more knowledge and I feel successful with myself. Come on what are you waiting for? This is a unique chance to live completely in a typical British atmosphere and have fun while you improve your English.


Send a message to if you need help or something relative 🙂

Bye bye b*g*ers!