LLE experience; two weeks course with Christopher Robb and his family

Whom it may concern,

My name is Raul Douton and I have been in Rushden for two weeks with Christopher Robb and his Family.

This review sets out to be a helpful advice for people who are interested in living a LLE course.

Christopher is without doubt a very professional and qualified teacher and at the same time he is a lovely person. I could really improve my English during the morning classes. In my case we focused on business English, vocabulary bank and listening as well.

However, the best part of my stay was the treatment that Christopher’s family gave me; they are so sweet and they always took care of me.

Regarding the excursions, we did some local ones and we also visited London during one whole day, we enjoyed a lot this trip.

In conclusion, I really recommend Christopher and his family. I can assure that if you choose them you will live an incredible experience.

Raúl Doutón.

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