Two weeks in Paington, Devon.

I’m Pierre aged 16, i’m from France. I went to England to learn English and stay with an English family. My older sister went 2 years ago to this family and she was happy so i decided to go to the same family. I stayed with my teacher Charlie and her parents (Collin and Helen) and her son Joshua who is very small.

In the mornings, I had lessons and studied English with books, exercises, video and games. I spend a lot of time talking with the family, their neighbours and playing with Joshua.

I went on a lot of visits. One day I went to Cardiff to watch 2 football matches for the Olympics Games, it was amazing! The stadium was full, and the atmosphere was incredible, GB won against Uruguay 1-0. I also played Golf, went to the Cinema and visited lots of towns like Exeter.

I tried some British foods (and survived and even enjoyed it!) like Cornish Pasty, Fish and Chips, Cake and full English breakfast.

In the beginning it was difficult to understand but after some days I realized I could understand much more. I enjoyed my stay and am pleased I spoke so much English.