My trip in Liverpool

I spent one week in wallasey village, a great city in the peninsula next to Liverpool.  My schedule was: lessons in the morging and in the afternoon trip in Liverpool, see around the village or activities. The first day I went to Liverpool, and beautiful city with old and morden buildings. We made a cruiseon the Mersey river, we visited a museum about the story of Liverpool, then a little of shopping. And finaly listened music in the Cavern where the Beatles played. In the night I had meals with the family around a very nice dinner. The second day, after the lesson we went to Sam caffee to have a lunch, later we saw the new James Bond film, it was super. The third day we visited the two cathedral of Liverpool and the university, and laterthe world museum. The fourth day we made a trip in Chester, a roman city, which is very nice and peacefull. We walked around the wall and had a shopping time. And the last day we went to seaside with a beautiful scenic view and in the evening had indian foods for the party in sam’s cafe. It was very fun. I enjoy a lot my trip.