Our Homestay in Hertfordshire by Paula and Mariya

  Hello, my name is Mariya Buynova. I am 17 years old, and I am from Kiev, Ukraine. I arrived in England on 24th June and have been staying here for 4 weeks.   I am Paula Tolsa, I am 17 years old I am from Spain.  I arrived in England on 1 st July and I have been here for 3 weeks.
We have been living in Welwyn Garden City with Caroline and Jeremy Herring and their children. We have done a lot of diferent things during this period. We had very interesting lesons, in which we done reading, listening, writing and speaking. Also, we visited many exiting places, such as Weembeldon, London, Oxford, nearest cities. We were in London several times and done a huge work there. There we went to Tate Modern Museum, had a trip by cablecar from Royal Docks to North Greenwich where we saw a ballet, shopping in Oxford street and Westfield, Camden.
Due to this trip we have improved our language skeels and hve had lots of positive experience.

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