Neus’s and Maryna’s adventures with Shan and Andrew

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When I was in Spain, my parents proposed me to spend 3 weeks in England with a family. So, I found a very nice family, Shan and Andrew. I was very happy!!

Now here I am, in Wallingford, a very nice town, next to the River Thames, with Shan and Andrew. I am with Maryna too, a thirteen-year-old girl, she is older than me ( I am twelve ) but we have become very good friends. She is from Ukraine. I am in a very nice house with a green garden. My bedroom is big and warm, with views of the garden. Every morning at 9:30, we have three hours of English lessons, maybe some people think: “Three hours of English lessons is so, so boring!”, but is a very wrong thought. Shan is our teacher and we have lessons from a book, that is perfect for our level, we read the news from the newspaper, and the thing I like the best is my homework! Every day I write a journal, a diary, and write about our outings, and then I stick photos and postcards.I read an English book too, Holes, it’s very thrilling! Evey afternoon, from Monday to Friday we go to an outing and we visit other towns like Henley or Oxford, we go to fruit-picking or to the swimming pool. That’s great! And on Saturdays we go out all day. Once we went to Blenheim Palace and we had a picnic. Another Saturday we went to Windsor Castle which  was on my birthday and I loved it! Maybe you are thinking: “And how was the food?” So the food was the best food I have eaten in the U.K.. Andrew is our chef, if he does a TV programme, he will have a lot of viewers.

Today is my last day in Wallingford, and I have spend 20 days in England, and I have had a lot of fun here. And the most important thing, I have learned a lot of new things and I have improved my English a lot.

So, if your question is,: ” Is this is a good way to learn English while you have a lot of fun?” my answer is: “Yes, the best way, you can be sure of it!”.




        I spent really great summer holidays in Wallingford with Shan and Andrew. This family were very friendly to us. Andrew cooked us delicious meals that we really enjoyed.

       The lessons were very interesting and good fun. I learnt more than I hoped. Thank you Shan for helping me learning English.

        The town where I stayed, Wallingford, was very green and with beautiful views of the River Thames. The house was very comfortable and full of light. I liked it.

        The days that I spent with Shan and Andrew were exciting and full of fun. We visited lots of places of interest like Blenheim Palace, Windsor Castle, Henley on Thames and the Oxford     colleges. I really enjoyed Alice’ shop and learning all about the real Alice.

         I go home with great memories and a journal full of wonderful photos.

                                                                                                                                                                                     (MARYNA MOVSIKOVA 13 from UKRAINE)