Marvelous Margate


Hi ! We are Nathan and Bohdan. We come from France and Ukraine. We spend two weeks in Margate in Dingley’s house. We was with Ella our teacher, Jim, Alexandra, Betsy and at the end Alena.

The morning, after breakfast, we started our lesson and during four hours we learned, spoke and played games in english. The afternoon, after lunch, we always did activity like play badminton, mini-golf or bowling, we also went to castles, “dreamlands” theme park or cinema to see “Jurassic Worlds”.

And, after dinner, we generally watched a film or a serial like “Sherlock”.

The food was delicious and there was a lot of variety like meat, vegetables, soup, sandwiches…

The house was beautiful and typical of England and the weather too. Our stay was very fun because we had a lot of activities, free times, Ella was a very amazing teacher and the family was very endearing!

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