Margate and I

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Hello, my name is Maria, I am fourteen and I am from Ukraine.  I had a two-week course in Margate, England, in the Ella’s and Jim’s friendly family. I really enjoyed my course, lessons and communication with Ella, Jim and Alexandra.

I arrived to Margate on the 29th of July, in the afternoon. And I was pleasantly pleased with friendliness of family. Next two days I explored the town. I enjoyed everything I saw, smell and touch. Ella and I also visited the new Art Gallery with Traicy Emin’s pictures. As for me, that was the only disgusting thing in the all course.

The third day was dedicated to castles. Jim and I went to Deal Castle and Walmer Castle by car. These ancient castles were built in the 16th century to protect new church from Pope. But the most I liked the gardens in Walmer castle. They are charming! If I could, I would live there.

The fourth and the fifth days were given to sport games. Alexandra and I went playing golf and bowling. It was very entertaining for me. Lessons were also very interesting and full with knowledge.

On the sixth day we visited Canterbury. We saw there two monuments to king Ethelbert and his wife Bertha, who embraced

Christianity in England. We visited the most haunted street in the country – St. Margaret’s Street and we inspected the Roman Baths and a room with ghosts in the Tiny Tim’s Tearoom. Before visiting Canterbury Cathedral we have seen the hospital for pilgrims – an old hotel for poor travelers and a Ducking Stool – a special chair, which was used for detecting witches. A woman was ducked, and if she died – “Sorry, it wasn’t a witch…”, but if she survived – “This witch must be killed…!” A couple of minutes later we attended a service in the cathedral. It was wonderful, it was magnificent! I liked it very much! After service we attended the pace where Archbishop Thomas Becket was murdered.

The main impressions of the rest of my coarse were Carnival ( it was a bit boring), museum of monstrosity ( it was very funny for skeptical me),  the cinema (The Dark Knight rises!) and Oxford ( a picture gallery). Thank you very much for these amazing two weeks.