My trip to Bristol with Lesley and her family

Having returned to Spain after three weeks in Bristol studying English with Lesley and his lovely family and have to say it has been a great experience.

As not everything in life is studying, after our three-hour class in the morning, and after lunch, watching the news and practicing my English speaking with Lesley on them, in the afternoon, I had free time for tourism. Sometimes accompanied by Lesley and others on my own, have had the posibility to visit Clifton Suspension Bridge,St Mary Redcliffe Church, St Mary Redcliffe Church,Bristol Cathedral,The Georgian House, The Red Lodge and so on. And even take a turn on weekends in Bath, Stonehenge, Salisbury Lacock, Wells, Wales.I’ve also had the opportunity to practice my english with others students staying at Lesley´s house, which gaves a bonus to my stay.

In short, my trip was a perfect combination of learning the language, and culture journey that has allowed me to meet other cities, other customs, other culture.

I want to thank from here to the LLI organization, and Fran and Pauline, who were our companions, great day we spent browsing the Avon River, visiting Brunel’s ss Great Britain and having lunch.