Amazing stay in Upton Magna!



I’m Morgane and I come from France. This year, I decided to stay for 3 weeks in England to improve my English. For this stay, I was in a little village called Upton Magna, with a Spanish girl named Cristina. Actually, we didn’t know each other before but we became really good friends! In the family there is the mother, Julieanne, the father, Mike, the children, Emily, Ben, Dan and Sian, the dogs called Peaches, Paddy and Percy and finally the crazy cat, Nevis.

Percy wins 2nd prize


Lessons with Nevis


Julieanne taught us English every morning. We began the lesson at 9, so it wasn’t too early. We made lots of different things like presentations, talking

Then in the afternoon, we made lots of different things. We went to a dog show and the dog, Percy won a 2nd prize! We saw dance, made delicious cookies, tiles, corsage, bunting, modelled clay, painted a about different subjects, writing response letter and transforming songs with other words. I find it wasn’t boring at all, but very interesting and varied. I didn’t really realize that we did 4 hours every morning. One time, the cat decided to join us! It was very funny because she answered the questions!

picture, went shopping, went to the cinema, to a musical, into a wood, to museums…


We discovered new foods: the roast dinner, thechicken pasta bake, the best chocolate cookies and much more. We also cooked it with the family and especially with the daughter, Emily.

We didn’t realise that we did so many activities before we wrote a journal. We wrote all the things we did and then I thought “ Wouah! We did so many things!”

In the evening, we often watched films on TV or played with Emily and Cristina in the garden. I never got bored because we always did something different, every day.

Finally, this stay was a great experience. Before I came I didn’t have any ideas of the things we would make and the family I would meet. I was never worried about anything because the family is very relaxed. I like it! If I had the opportunity to do this again, I wouldn’t hesitate!

Needle work
Dance (dog show)
Delicious cookies
On the bridge
Roast dinner
Teddy Bear shop
Upton Magna
Walking in the woods

   Walking in the wood