Deep into English

I spent 2 weeks in Peter and Kate’s` house in St Albans. It   was the best weeks  that I have ever had in England! When I had to come here, I was a little bit nervous, because it was my 1st time living with family. But these people are very friendly . They become your family and they always take care of you.

Their house is situated about 10 minutes walk to centre, not too far away. My room was very comfortable and nice.  The food was really good and delicious every day.  I don`t remember any days when I didn`t want to taste it.  This family always tries to make your living here- like at home.

For this short time I learnt  so many new things. Kate tried to give me as much knowledge of English as she can, Peter tried to show me England in the past. He is a perfect guide!  With him we have been to London couple of times and also were walking in St Albans. He is like a book full of interesting facts and information!  Also they showed me typical English theatre.  It was really emotional play with their daughter playing in it.  I`m a  foreign speaker, but  I understood everything.  Kate showed me all things what you could do in England. She showed me school, theatre, people,  she explained me some culture things .They  showed me England in another way, in a way, that I have never saw it before!  I want to say thank you to them!  They gave me an opportunity to work hard and achieve more than I thought.


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