My beautiful week in Margate

Last week I was in Margate to learn English. I was in the Dingley family which is a very welcoming family. It was a wonderful week and I’m sad to leave it. I’ve learned a lot all the tenses of English and I’ve seen a lot of very interesting things like shell grotto or the Turner Contemporary museum which is a art gallery with very some Turner’s paintings. I saw 3 haunted places and I had time to buy some presents for my family. In Margate there is an Olde sweet’s shop where you can pop in to buy sweets and chocolate. I also visited Walmer castle, Deal castle and Richborough Roman fort. I went  to the Margate Museum which is a very interesting museum about Margate from a long time ago. In this museum, we can learn some history like during the world war II, a german pilot crashed near Margate and some people arrested him and put him in the prison; after a little time in the prison, the pilot knocked at the door and gives is gun to the people who forgot to take it. It was very interesting and I had fun in a big swimming pool with waves and a slide. If you want, you can call your family during your free time. All evenings, we watched english films with subtitle. I learned a lot of new words and I think I will have better marks at school. I recommend this family for everybody who wants to learn english because all the family is very friendly, Ella and Jim are very good cooks and the lessons are very interesting. wall painting in the the Turner galery