Our Experiences in Redhill, England

Hello, we are Eleanora from Italy and Cristina from Spain.
We have been in Redhill, near London, in Lyne and Stephen Rolph’s house and we had a lots of fun.
We had lessons in the morning and in the afternoon we had other activities like Short Mat Bowls in YMCA Sport Centre or shopping in Redhill.
We also spent all the day out in London, Brighton and Eastbourne.
In London, we visited Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London, Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. We also went into the underground and into Harry Potter bus. And don’t forget O2 in Greenwich Peninsula.
In Brighton, we went shopping and we went to a fun fair in Brighton Pier, where we tried new attractions.
In Eastbourne we went to celebrate Cicely’s ninety-third birthday party. There were all the Rolph family.
So, we enjoyed this experience and we recommend everyone to try it.
And don’t forget study English cause is really important.
Bye(Now yes)

On the Pier at Brighton
On the Pier at Brighton
Trampoline on Brighton Pier
Trampoline on Brighton Pier
Water Ride on the Pier at Brighton
Water Ride on the Pier at Brighton
Big Ben in London
Big Ben in London
Horse Guards in London
Horse Guards in London

Redhill with Lyne and Stephen

Union Jack Cushion
Union Jack Cushion
French Flag Cushion
French Flag Cushion
Halloween Pumpkin
Halloween Pumpkin
London Jigsaw
London Jigsaw
Wagamamas Japanese Restaurant
Wagamamas Japanese Restaurant
The Priory, Reigate
The Priory, Reigate
Redhill Aerodrome
Redhill Aerodrome
Making Cupcakes
Making Cupcakes

The stay with Lyne and Stephen is super. The are very kind and there
is a very good timetable.There are lessons in morning and in the
afternoon we do diferent hobbies-cooking, gardening…..
Last week we made cupcake and biscuits and this week banana bread and
pizzas. We went to London one day and to Brighton. We went to Redhill
aerodrome and we ate in the cafetaria.
In London we visited the city and went to Buckingham Palace, Big
Ben, Tower Bridge, Tower of London…..
We went to theatre in Richmond by train and bus.

In the evening, after dinner we played games or watched a film.

Staying Near London

Hello, my name is Kyoko. I’m from Japan. I’m 11 years old. This is my first time in England. I stayed with Lyne and Stephen Rolph and it was a very nice time. One day I went to London and I saw “Mamma Mia”. It is a musical. It was very funny. I like this musical and I want to look this one more time. This homestay is my first time but it was a lot of fun. I think I don’t forget this time! And i want to go to England with my family.

Our course in England

image image  image

Hello, my name is Lucile and I live in France and my partner is Jane and she lives in Russia. We stayed for two weeks with Lyne and Stephen Rolph and it was very good. We went to London one day and to Brighton where we went to a funfair. After that, we ate fish and chips in a restaurant!! During this two weeks, Lyne cooked for us a typical english breakfast with eggs, bake beans, tomatoes, bacon, sausages, black pudding and toasts. We learnt how to play green bowling with Lyne and it was very funny!!! Being in a real English family is very interesting and we learnt a lot of new vocabulary. Now, Jane and I are friends and we want to stay in communication by Facebook. I hope that now you want to do a course with Living Learning English!!! So, bye bye!!

Two weeks in Redhill

Hello, my name is Magdalena Kloyer and I`m from Germany. I spent two nice weeks in England in Redhill. Lyne and her husband Stephen were very anxious to make the time in England as nice as possible so they were very nice to us. We have done so many things, which I never will do in two weeks at home. So I arrived on Sunday, the 28th of July and fly home to Germany on 10th of August. We visited the British wild life Centre, we were in London and went on Tower Bridge, Brighton Pier where we visited many roller coasters, we painted plates, went climbing, made cushions and did so many things. So when I look back to the two weeks than I`ll say:”This was a great time in England and Redhill and I think this is not the last time that I come to England and do this.”So a great thank you for all the people who organised the whole stay in England for me. And to the people, who want to do something like this, I can only say: ”Do it!”

More Rock Climbing

Rock Climbing

Magdalena plate painting


British Wildlife Centre

Hi From Redhill Surrey

I am Taya and I come from Russia. I stayed for 2 weeks in Redhill with the Rolph family. It was a lovely time. I visited Brighton twice, London once, made cushions and jewellery, did rock climbing and visited lots of cafes. The meals in England were great. So are the shops :-))) The lessons were brilliant. It was a magical time!After MacDonalds Funfair on Brighton Pier On the Emirates Airline over the Thames Paddling in the Sea at Brighton Taisiya plate painting

Camille and Marta




These two weeks we stayed in Lyne’s house.

We went to London and saw a lot of monuments like Big Ben, Tower Bridge and Buckingham Palace.  Also we went to Brighton and we made jewellery and we went to Brighton Pier.

One day we went to the lavender fields and they were beautiful.  We made a cushion with the Union Jack on one side and the French flag or the Spanish flag on the other side.

During the two week we made cupcakes and did embroidery and painting.

It was two great weeks.


Lavender Fields

M&M World



Camille and Jyothi in Redhill

Hi!  We are Camille and Jyothi and we come from France and Italy.  We are 14 years old.

We spent two great weeks with Lyne and Stephen in Redhill.  We cooked and decorated cupcakes and ate them.  We went to Reigate to plates with a Union Jack and the Olympic Flame.  We went to Brighton and made jewellery.

In London we saw Big Ben, Tower Bridge, Buckingham Palace and crossed the River Thames on the Emirates air-line.

The weather was bad but it was still good.

We made progress in our English.

Thomas and Maxim in Redhill

Hello, we are Thomas and Maxim.  We are 14 and 13 years old.  We lived in Lyne’s house during two weeks.  We come from France and Belarus.
With Lyne, we went to London twice.  For the first time we went on the Duck Tour (the Duck Tour goes on the Thames).  We could see the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye, Big Ben, a part of Buckingham Palace, Westminster Abbey and we had the luck to see the Queen  at Green Park for the inauguration of a monument to Bomber Command.
After this trip we went to St Paul’s Cathedral.  We climbed to the highest point in the cathedral.  It was a very good view.  We could see all of London.  Then we had a drink in Starbucks and we came back home to watch the important football match: Italy v Germany with pizza.
The second time we visited Mme Tussauds and we saw a lot of famous actors, sports stars and politicians.  After we went to a Japanese restaurant.
We also went to Circus Wonderland and visited Tesco.
We had a lot of lessons in the morning so our English is improved.
On the TV we watched the football and Wimbledon matches.
We did a lot of sports: swimming, tennis and football in the garden.  With Stephen we did also a lot of gardening.
And thank you for giving us so much fun.