A Lovely Week in Cambridge

Hi it’s Louisa here.I’m a 16-year-old girl from China and I’ve stayed in Cambridge for a week now.I’ve got much more familiar with the city which sounded more like the name of one of the most prestigious universities in the world for me.


Food here is very different from the way we have in China.We have same breakfast every morning——porridge and toasts with butter and blueberry jam.As for lunch and dinner,we have got a variety.Sandwiches,pizzas,soup,chicken pies,omelet with mushroom,a mix-up of corns,peas,carrots and salmons……English food seems not as unpalatable as we’ve heard about.On the contrary,it is delicious and delicate indeed.

(Why delicate?English people have all kinds of tablewares to suit all tastes as well as a wide wide range of jam and juice…And of course plenty of dissert and snacks in stock.They also have the habit of eating in the garden.There’re trees and flowers and entertaining facilities like trampolines and swings for children to stretch out.How sweet!!)


Daniela is our considerate and experienced teacher.Her teaching style is just unique.Instead of doing all the things for us,she steps backwards,encourages us,tells us the method and gives us the feedback,through which course we have improved the ability to study independently,boosted self-esteem and formed a more conscientious personality.We especially did teamwork jobs and freely-talking practice,making quite great progresses during the lessons.



London Eye Here!
Our Trip to London  :-)


And it’s Angel Time~I study in the same class in China with Louisa.Let me introduce you guys to the excursions and family we have then!


We got outings every day here.We went to Pembroke College on Monday and St John’s College in Cambridge is really beautiful and I like the church in Pembroke College the most.The heavenly environment can make you forget all of the feelings in you life.

We visited a garden as well.It’s Cambridge University Botanic Garden and we went there twice.The first time,we were obsessed by the fascinating plants in the garden and the next time,we listened to a concert played on the grass.I love the man who played perfect cello.He is really handsome!

If you visit London without going to the museums,you are so unlucky.The museums in England are all fantastic!No matter is it the porcelain in the Fitzwilliam Museum or the mummy in the British Museum,I like them all.We stayed in London for a whole day on Thursday. London Eye,Big Ben,the Thames River ……I believe I’ll never forget them!

What’s more,we are truly looking forward to going to the King’s College gardens to enjoy the Shakespeare’s play Midsummer Nights Dream tonight.It must be amazing!


The place where we live is really great.We lived comfortably and had a great time with the family.Although we have different cultures,we did feel at home because of the friendly family members. Of course, we have learnt a lot of protocols here.We feel we are very polite now.