Great time in Bristol


God save the queens

I’m Loreto Saez Garcia I’m 16 years old and I come from Spain.

I have stayed in Bristol for 2 weeks with Lesley and her family and with my partner Heloise who comes from France.

On the first day the teacher asks you what do you want to improve and your partner has the same level as you. The lessons are entertaining and you learn a lot. You feel that your english is going higher.

During the week we have some days with planed excursions, you aren’t bored never. The family is really kind and your acomodation is well-equiped. The food is nice too and if you don’t like fish or another things you only have to tell it and there isn’t any problem.

Everybody knows about the weather in England so you have to bring with you a coat and an umbrella.

Those two weeks had been amazing and doing this course is when you really improve your level because you aren’t with people who comes from your country and you are speaking english all the time.

If the relationship with your partner is good you will have a friend forever!!!