My 2 weeks in England

My course started on the 15th of June. My journey from Estonia to England lasted about 11 hours and I was really tired when I arrived.

The next day i had my first lessons and in the afternoon we went to the park and also to the swimming pool.

My second day was exactly the same. I had my lessons in the morning and in the afternoon we went to the gym and swimming pool.

My third day began like yesterday-I had my English lessons. After lunch we had an excursion in Chichester Cathedral. It was very interesting. The cathedral was huge and really beautiful. In the afternoon we went to the park to play frisbee.

My fourth day’s English lessons were really interesting. We talked about music. I really liked the topic. I also wrote my own limerick. A lady from Living Learning English visited us too. In the afternoon, when we had picked up Alfie from school, we went to the art gallery. It was actually very nice. After dinner we went to the gym and the swimming pool again.

The next day was quite ordinary. I had my lessons and in the afternoon we went swimming and after swimming we went to McDonalds. In the evening we watched “Pirates of the Garibbean”.

My sixth day was really interesting. We visited Spinnaker Tower and we had lunch in Pizzaekspert. Then it was time to go to the wedding party. I met a girl Clove there. She is huge One Direction fan and she has lots of 1D stuff-even dolls. It was really cool day.

On Sunday we went to the beach. I tried kayaking there. It was really funny. We also had a picnic there.

At half past nine we started our full-day excursion to Brighton. At first we visited Sea Life center. There were lots of beautiful fishes and other water animals. Then we went to Brighton Pier and after this we went shopping. It was really cool day.

The last 4 days i just had my lessons and in the afternoons we visited different places.