My wonderful week in Margate

DSC08246 DSC08250 DSC08232 DSC08228Hello, I’m Axel. I’m a French student. I’m 14 years old. I was in Margate for 1 week. I was in Ella and Jim’s house.


Every morning I had 3 hours of lesson. The lesson started at 10 o’ clock. Lessons are very interesting. I saw many grammar points. All of the afternoon we went outside to made excursion. On Sunday we visited Deal and Walmer castle and the Richborough Roman Fort. On Monday we went to the swimming pool in Ramsgate Sports Centre. On Tuesday we visited Canterbury and Canterbury Cathedral. I bought in Canterbury a T-shirt for myself, tea for my mother and a phone cover for my father. On Wednesday we visited Dover castle, it’s a beautiful castle built by Henri II. On Thursday, I went to the shopping centre. Here I bought a T-shirt for my little brother. And on Friday I came to Dreamland, It’s a little amusement park.

Every Evening I chose a movie. We watched “Paul”, “The Simpson Movie”, “Skyfall”, “The Dark Knight”, “Hot Fuzz” and “Robin Hood. Men in tights”.


The food was excellent at each meals. Ella is a great teacher and a great cook. Here I tried coleslaw first time in my life and I loved it.