Our trip to England

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Hello there! We are Juan and Valentyna, from Spain and Ukraine respectively. We are both 19 years old and we spent a month together in England. The first two weeks were living at Maria Moustaka’s house in London. Every morning we had class, and after having lunch, we went to museums, palaces, landmarks, popular markets, etc. We agreed with Maria the excursions that we would do with it. She took us to places unknown to us: Kenwood House and near Greenwich. We also went to the cinema and a concert in Canary Wharf. 

Before all this, I was worried about the experience of living with the teacher. And finally I loved, the room much better than I expected and Maria was very kind with us. Also the food was delicious. I got used to the UK schedule/timetable soon. 

Then, we spent at Kate Irving’s house the last two weeks in St Albans. It is a town north of London, 20 minutes by train. You can’t compare the two cities, as London offers many more things to do and enjoy. However, Kate helped us spend two amazing weeks. She took us to see a real live trial and explained to us how the justice worked in the UK. Another day, we went to Cambridge where we could see the different colleges and faculties and we got surprised of the education system because it’s very different to our countries ones. We visited Waddesdon Manor, which is one of several houses that the famous and wealthy Rothschild family owns. 

As Maria did, Kate treated us very well and were delighted to meet her family. She lives with her husband Peter, and has three children, whom we met. We went to pub quizzes and we won! I recommend this course.