Great adventure in England. College or family?

Hi everyone! I want to tell you about my studying  experience in England. I was lucky to have a second trip to this great country. Actually, my first studying experience was in English college is summer, where i studied the language, met a lot of new people and was quite satisfied with my choice. After I had  returned  home I was very confident  in my English knowledge.

Then my parents decided to send me to live and study English with the family. I really thought that with my “deep” 🙂 knowledge of English after college it would be easy BUT it really wasn’t. However, there are two different things to communicate in college with people who know English like you and to converse with native speakers, who cant understand you if you say a sentence without keeping up the grammar. So, the first few days in the family i was confused 🙂

But actually it was a really great experience! I met my lovely teacher Susie, who has helped me not be confused in different situations:) We had interesting lessons without pressure which usually exist with tutors, if you understand what I mean. Also I had wonderful excursions in Reading (where I lived), Oxford, Bath and the capital of Great Britain – London. I was especially excited in London because I visited Madame Tussaud’s museum! It was incredible! Furthermore, we visited Sherlock Holmes museum, which was quite good too. So, I liked my trip very much. When you choose between English college and  with a family you should decide what you want more: to have fun in college or “to dive” into English atmosphere and archive your goal of speaking English.

Thank to my teacher a lot.