Week in the UK

Hello, my name is José and I’m writing to all future students who want to learn English in the UK with Living Learning English. I went to the UK because I need to improve my English for my job. I was in Bath for four weeks and one week more in St. Albans. It’s a very good way to learn English because we have to speak English all the time. We had lessons every morning for four hours. In Bath, I stayed in Sarah’s home. She has a nice family with her husband Robin and their two children (12 and 15 years old). I enjoyed being there a lot. Bath is a beautiful town with a lot of museums. It’s an interesting place because of its history, including Roman times. I also visited Bristol, where I saw the Suspension Bridge. We visited Stonehenge, Salisbury Cathedral and the Roman Baths and museums in Bath. I played tennis with Paul, a tennis coach, who taught me a lot. In St. Albans I was with David and his wife Stephanie. They are very friendly, and lovely people. I wanted to stay more weeks with them, but I had to return to Spain earlier than I expected. We did a lot of things there, but the most exciting for me was when we went to Cambridge. I recommend this course to all of you.


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