My lovely trip in Brighton

Hello, dear readers.

I’m Johanna, a french who is 14 years old and I will tell you about my trip in Brighton, a town just near London in England. I took the plane the 13rd July and it’s was the first time I traveled alone. It made me very anxious and stressed…

But everythings was easier than I thought. I didn’t loose me in the airport, I didn’t miss my plane and Kate, my new teacher was so nice. Since the first day, I have been very welcome. My partner, a spanish girl who had the same age as me, became a very good friend. Each day in the week, we had 3 hours for the course. In fact, these 3 hours passed very quickly. We had different kind of learning like games, role-playing, listen music to understand the lyrics… and of course we worked with a book but it was very helpful.

We made loads of excursions in Brighton or in the country-side like canoë, paddle, museums, shops, shopping, walks, beach… We were very lucky, Gemma (my spanish partner) and I, because the weather was very lovely : sun, very warm a little bit of clouds sometimes and never rain ! We met Kate’s family and friends and all of them were very nice with us. It was a pleasure to met them. We could taste news foods like the scones for the afternoon tea, some cakes and sometimes food very strange like “Marmite”. Now, I drink tea each day like a British ;).

So, if you want to improve your english, meet new people, discover new places and have lot of fun, do like me. I’m sure you will love it. I came back yesterday in France and it was a very great experience in my life. I will not forget this great trip.

I was so lucky to meet a teacher as Kate very attentive and friendly. I will miss Brighton, my lovely teacher and her family !

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