Wonderful Wallingford

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I arrived in Wallingford feeling very nervous because I did not know if I would like the family or enjoy the course, but after few day I could truly say It was wonderful. A total immersion course in English has been the best way to improve all my English language skills.

I have spend one month with Shan and Andrew and I have really enjoyed my stay. And the food has been fantastic!

I have met all the family, including Shan’s parents, her sons and  friends of the family. They made me feel like a member of the family.

I have been on lots of outings to Windsor Castle, Blenheim Palace, Oxford, Hampton Court Palace…We have walked by the river in Henley and Wallingford, gone to the cinema and been shopping. I have also been bowling with Shan’s son and seven of his friends. I have attended the Henley Literary Festival and I have even had a manicure with nail art in Wallingford!

I have kept a journal and Shan has taken lots of photos to illustrate it. I have a lovely souvenir of my stay to take home and share with my family and friends.