Stay in Margate

My name is Illya and I am from Ukraine

My name is Pierre and I am from France.

The family was very good. There are Ella (our teacher), Jim (Ella’s husband), Alexandra and Alena (their daughters), Betsy (the dog). We had a very comfortable rooms. Everything was perfect: days, food, house, excursions and the evening entertainment. We watched the final of the FIFA World Cup 2014 Brazil. We watched a lot of films: The Dark Knight, The Dark Knight Rises, Inception, I-robot, Transformers 4 “Age of exinction”

Every day we did something different. We visited a lot places: Dover castle, Walmer castle, Deal castle and Canterbury. In Canterbury we went to the cathedral and we went shopping. In Dover castle we visited underground  hospital and the secret wartime tunnels. We played mini-golf, tennis, billiards, table tennis, card games and battle-ship.

Every morning we had 4 hours of lessons.During the whole time we talked about the grammar, we learned a lot of vocabulary and we wrote our diaries.

We really enjoyed being with this family and recommend for everyone.