My stay at Christopher Robb’s house


My name is Ilona . I’m 16 and I live in France . I have been in Rushden at Christopher’s house for 2 weeks . I wanted to go to England to improve my English . In the morning , I had lessons for 3 hours with Christopher . He is a very good teacher , patient and thanks to him my English improved .
His family is very lovely and always took care of me . His wife ( Fernanda) is an excellent cook . The atmosphere is very pleasant .
We went on some excursions . I went to Oxford and Cambridge . I really enjoyed these trips. We went to local places and I discovered English food . We did barbecues with their friends which are a good exercise to improve my understanding .
To close , I had a very good experience and I was able to progress and discover new places and meet lots of lovely people . Christopher is very professional and I would recommend him to everybody.