My week in English family

Igor (pupil): My name is Igor, I am 10, I am from Ukraine.I was in English family about 3 weeks. My teacher’s name is Aprilmay. She has two dogs. She has one daughter. I had 3 English lessons per day. I lived with two boys, they were from China. I had my room with the piano. My teacher read a book at night for me, before sleeping. I went to Cardiff with her to visit the Lego shop. We ate in the house because my teacher likes cooking. Once, I cooked a cake with her, she tought me how to cook.

Olga (mother): I was really happy to send my son to Englang for the language course. The level of education and teaching was professional. When Igor came back home, his English was improved to a very hing extent as for his age. He was living with two other boys, so he culd enjoy a new company and learn more, practive and experience English. The teacher, Aprilmay Kitchener, is really experienced, open, friendly and kind person with the science degree. We are very thankful to this programm and Mrs. Kitchener for the happy time our kid had in England!