2 weeks in Bristol

When my plane arrived at Bristol I went to the passport control checked. My teacher met me and took me to her house.

Every day, I had my breakfast and a lesson in the morning. In the afternoon we had activities or free time The activities included a bus tour of Bath, sightseeing, then a trip to Bristol I saw street art and a lot of old building monuments. We visited the SS Great Britain which is a very good ship showing the conditions people lived in on the ship. One day I went climbing. Heather (my teacher) is a fun person and has a good french accent (it’s not true… 🙂 Chris (her husband) and Liam (her son) too, but not as silly as teacher.

It’s a good place for learn English, One to One is good because if you have a problem, you can put the question and search the right answer.

Hugo, 14.