The stay in Cottenham

We are Rofl and Gueni we are both from Germany. We are 14 years old and we go to grade 8 in the same class. We are staying in Cottenham near Cambridge for two weeks with Daniela and her family


The Family is very polite and friendly. Daniela has to children Andrew who is twelve years and Emma who is eight years old. Her husband Deryck is also very polite and he took us to the Duxford Museum.


We had together a big and nice room upstairs. We also had a own bathroom. The house is very big and it has a nice garden. The food we ate was very delicious and healthy and we enjoyed it.

Our trips:

In the first week we did every day a trip. We drove 3 times to Cambridge and on Thursday we went with Deryck to the Duxford Museum. On Sunday we drove to London and the we went on a boat trip, to the London Eye and to the British Museum.


We  really enjoyed our stay  at Daniela’s house and we hope if you decide to come to LLE and stay at Daniela’s house you will have that great experience too.