My stay in St.Albans

Hello,my name is Grygoriy and I’m 14.I’m from Ukraine.I came to England to improve my English.I was staying in St.Albans for one week.In the family I was “an only child” because their son has moved house.Everyday was special and I liked it.Every day we had lessons in the morning,then we went on excursions.We were at Stamford Bridge,Wembley,Duck Tour and we saw the Olympic torch coming through St.Albans.Also,I played FIFA on the PlayStation with their son Joe.We went to the cinema to watch Spider-Man 3.It was great!At the weekend  the family showed me Oxford,to see the colleges.

So,I had a great time in St.Albans!

My stay in Plymouth

Hello,everyone!My name is Grygoriy I’m 14 and I come from Ukraine.I have been staying in Plymouth for 3 weeks with a nice family.When I arrived here I was little bit shy but then over a period of time I felt comfortable.In the family there are 3 children so I had lots of fun.Every day started with getting children to the school.Then we came back and had lessons.Afterwards,we picked up Daniel(the youngest child) from the kindergarden and had lunch.After lunch I had one more lesson.Sometimes we made cakes and  meals for dinner.I liked helping cooking and actually it was my first time making something special.When we picked up boys from school we had evening activities such as:climbing a wall or football(Monday),Plymouth Argyle(football training),Game night or bowling(Wednesday),football or swimming(Thursday),on Friday kids have their Sweet Day and have swimming lessons.So,every day had its own activities.Also,family showed me an old part of Plymouth.It has really big history.At the weekends we had excursions.We went to Creely(Adventure Park) on Saturday and Food Festival,cinema(Men in Black 3) was on Sunday.The next weekend we went  boogie-boarding and we went to the Navy Days and watched the Red Arrows.It was really fantastic!

So,I had a great time in Plymouth!