Hello! I’m Gonzalo Barrigon, a student  from Spain.

I’ve spent four weeks in the north of England. Two of those with Lois and Nick Folkard. They are very friendly people, easy-going in daily life and really skilful cookers. I was disappointed because in my country it is said that English food is very different from the Spanish one so I thought I was going to try some food I’d dislike but it was impossible, they prepared a different meal each day and everything was really good! I have felt very comfortable with them in a small village called Tockwith. It’s a very calm place to make the most of your study ( in my case, it was very good because I had to study, besides English, a subject for my degree in Spain) and for doing sport activities such as running (cycling is another activity you can do; Nick would be very pleased if you go with him on one of his cycling days by the countryside). If you fancy Salsa dancing, you will be able to go with them at night and enjoy it ( in my case, it was my first time doing it and i couldn’t make the most of the night but it motivates me to start dancing. Anyway, you can learn and have fun which is the purpose of the activity).

In addition, they have brought me to several places thank’s to the village’s location which allows you to visit a lot of interesting ones. York was one of those, which is a marvellous city, very close to Tockwith, and you can find it easily catching a bus from the village. I advice you not to miss the visit of the Minster, neither to climb on its tower: you will be able to see the whole city around it. Also, walking along its streets is one thing you must do.

Fountains Abbey was another destination that I liked a lot. If you fancy walking in a quiet place, surrounded by trees, water and feeling so relaxed, this should be one your whole weekend trips.

Also I have visited other places like Leeds ( a great shopping city), and Knaresborough ( a small beautiful town with amazing views). If you enjoy tourism, you may visit many places on your own too.

Referring to the learning, they are experienced teachers and i must thank how they prepared lessons the day before and how they organised each lesson day. Usually they mix games with grammar issues, which is very pleasant way to learn. I’ve improved my English as much I wanted.

To summarise it was a really good experience and i go back home very happy with the level I’ve performed and with the experiences I’ve lived.

Hello! I’m Gonzalo Barrigon, a spanish student.

My first two weeks in England I stayed with Jenny and her family: her husband Nick and her son James. They are an amusing family to which you adjusted quickly and easily had confidence with. They liked doing some activities such as walking, either through the countryside or along the cliffs (I had the opportunity to go to Flamborough and enjoy the amazing seaside’s landscape); also listening to local folk music so we went to a festival where I could listen traditional English sounds and I really liked them. Also, they liked having dinner outside and doing barbecues if the weather allowed.

I stayed in a small village called Kirton-In-Lindsey where you can feel the relaxing atmosphere of the countryside and make the most of your studying. If you enjoy doing some sport activities like running, cycling or walking you will be able to do it. Both the bedroom and the bed that were assigned to me were very big, with your own bathroom.

In addition, I visited many places. The city of Lincoln is very close to the village and you can spend, at least, an afternoon visiting its streets, shops and mostly its beautiful cathedral. The same for the town of Beverley which is smaller than Lincoln but has an interesting minster. The first weekend we went to London and we spent the whole day visiting the most important monuments, buildings and areas. Also, we went to the theatre to watch The Lion King musical, which was amazing and I was so delighted. I visited more places such as the mentioned above.

Refering to learning, it was my first time in England, speaking with native people and I improved my skills fast enough. The timetables and lessons are flexible and you may make the most of your speaking, talking with Jenny, who’s a very open and communicative person.

To summarise, I left Jenny’s house with the feeling of  having made the most of my stay, improving my english, having fun, visiting many places and enjoying her family.