From French capital to Welsh capital

My name is Pierre-Alexandre, I am seventeen years-old and I live in Paris. I stayed in Cardiff two weeks. I enjoyed all I saw during my journey. I came for improving my level in English, but I learnt a lot about the city and the Welsh way of life too. Every visit was a discovery for me, so everything interested me a lot. I think that this journey could not be better than as it was. I wasn’t homesick because I had real good food (like we have in Paris), Wi-fi, television,etc, all things you want to have to keep in touch with your family, and improve your English level in the same time ! Mornings lessons were very useful, the activities on the afternoon too. Moreover I was in a really great family composed by very nice persons, which helped be to practise    my English speaking. Nevertheless, I had time for my personal school work, so the journey was very complete. I think that my level in English really improved. I recommend the Jenkins-Jones family for everyone one who wants to improve his English in the best conditions 🙂

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