My holidays in Margate with Ella and her family

I’m Gloria and I’m from Spain. I spent 2 weeks in Margate, with Ella and her incredible family. I never had been in England before, and this is a very good way to discover this beautiful country and learn a lot of English.

Every day started with a delicious breakfast, 3 hours of classes with Ella and lunch. The breakfast was different and very nice every day, in the classes I learned more than in all my life and the lunch was absolutely gorgeous. I tried lots of new foods like the amazing Ella’s soups, jacket potatoes with tuna salad or coleslaw. Everything delicious! Every afternoon we had an excursion and then an absolutely tasty dinner. Every evening we watched a film, often PIXAR films, and it was one of my favourite parts of the day.

-On the first day I went with Alexandra (the younger daughter) to Dreamland, an amazing amusement park near the house, where we had a lot o fun!

-The second day we went to Dover Castle, where we saw the tunnels that were used in the Second World War in the “operation Dynamo”, the main tower and the “Great Castle” where the king used to live.

-The third day we went to Tides Swimming pool. Here, there was a very big and funny slide and a part of the swimming pool where sometimes appeared some very big waves. I had a lot of fun there!

-The fourth day we went to the Westwood Cross shopping centre, where we visited some very good shops like Primark, Poundworld and Poundland, a small chocolate shop…

-The fifth day we visited Deal Castle and Walmer Castle, both of them built by Henry VIII to protect the country against a possible invasion from France and Spain.

-The sixth day Alexandra and I went to “Strokes” where we played crazy-golf. I started winning but at the end I lost. It was so funny!

-The seventh day Ella and I went to Canterbury, where we visited the Cathedral and listened to “Evensong”, the place where Thomas Becket was killed and buried and finally we went shopping around the city.

– The next day we went to Romney Marsh where we visited a small art gallery, a very interesting nature reserve, and a very big church in the small town of Lydd.

-The ninth day, we went to the cinema and watched “The Secret Life of Pets”. It was in English and with no subtitles but I understood almost everything! In the evening, Alexandra and I baked a lemon and poppy seed cake. I’m going to keep the recipe!

-The tenth day I went with Jim to Broadstairs, a town next to Margate where Charles Dickens used to live. We visited “Dickens House Museum” and “Bleak House” and then we had a delicious ice-cream in Morelli’s, an Italian ice-cream shop. It was absolutely delicious!

-The following day, we went to “Shell Grotto” a cave discovered in 1835 with all the walls covered in shells (4.6 million shells in total!!!). In the evening, Alexandra and I baked some “coulants”. They looked and were absolutely tasty!

-The twelfth day Alexandra and I played tennis on a tennis court. We were very bad at tennis so we started playing badminton. We laughed a lot!

-Today I had my last lessons and I counted how many words I learned: 200!! It’s incredible!

-Tomorrow I’m going to visit a computer game museum and the tunnels in Ramsgate. I am going yo wear a hard hat and a torch on my head. I think I will have a very good day! I’m very excited!

-Sunday is my last day here. In the evening I would be at home again. I’m going to miss Ella and her family a lot!

Ella was an incredible teacher and her family so nice to me. This course was one of the best experiences in my life and a chance to improve my English a lot!