My English trip.

I arrived in England two weeks ago. I came to learn the English language bacause it is the most popular language in the world!

We have been to a lot of interesting places of Liverpool and Manchester just for 2 weeks. We have been to the Beatles museum it is an awesome place. And now I know a lot about the Beatles! 1 week ago Me, Ben, Andrea and Millard were playing badminton. It is a very nice game! We played many rounds and we don”t know was the winner.

We have been to Liverpool. Liverpool is a very beautiful city with a lot a museums and shops. One day ago I bought a guitar in a Liverpool music shop.

There are 2 cathedrals in Liverpool. They are very beautiful buildings! 8th Saturday I was at Ben”s birthday party. I met with his friends and they are very nice. Last week Me, Andrea and Rachel went to  Manchester. And we met with Diego, Iliya and their teacher Judy. We have been to the Lowry gallery. Lowry is a famous artist and he painted very unusual pictures. I lerned a lot about England! I really enjoy living and spending time with Rachel and her family!