three weeks in Neston

I have been to Neston for three weeks, where we have done a lot of things

I went to the cinema to see “adrift”, also I went to the Bristol zoo where we saw a lot of different animals. We have seen cricket games and went shopping to Salisbury, Bath and Bristol. In Bath we saw the Roman Baths. We went by boat to the isle of wight to see a cricket match an the south coast.

We have walked with the dog to a field every day. 

It’s a good experience, I liked it so much

three weeks in Wantage

I have been here for three weeks, and i have done a lot of things.                                                                                                                                                       Every day we have had three hours of lessons. two with the book, and the other playing a game or reading a book.

Every Saturday we have gone on excursions. one day we went to Oxford centre and the other day we went to the Costwold Wildlife Park.

On Sundays we went to church, and one day in the evening we went to Better Extreme, it was fantastic. We have done something every day.

I have gone to the Funky Teapot twice, to do pottery, to the cinema twice, to the circus. and also I have gone to yoga lessons every Friday. Everything was excellent. But if I had to choose something it would be the circus, because it was very very funny.